Jan 10, 2012

Beyond Age at CES this week

What are the most innovative items being announced or shown at CES this week?

CES is more than just new TV’s (and cell phones) it is also a forum for a wide range of consumer electronics companies as well as companies such as Ford and others to launch their latest products in front of a large audience. There are also many smaller conferences and events that occur alongside of CES. 

My co-founder Joel Shapira will be at CES this week to attend the Silvers Summit ( and to meet with some of the speakers and companies at the Digital Health Summit ( 

He is there looking for examples of companies building innovative products designed for and marketed to older adults - the large pool of customers aged 50-75. We are looking for both companies specifically building products for this market as well as companies with products or services which could be, with some innovative design, be built for the older adult market.

If you are at CES this week leave a note here or contact us.